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Experience healing

“Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world.”

Mahatma Ghandi

With Sadhguru and Hartmut Lohmann

Whoever has arrived beyond good and bad, true or false, left or right, feels soft perfection. Suddenly you feel your realization like the sun is rising in your heart and you are right exactly as you are and you feel just right no matter where you are. Your own presence blossoms and becomes a pleasure that at the same time delights like a fragrant flower and is immortal like light.

Every resistance, every counter-movement, every counter-demonstration draws its energy from the same shadow that it wants to fight. There is no solution in this way. Where only the stronger wins, everything is lost anyway.

We wanted to be for something and not against it. We wanted to discover truths instead of getting tangled up in shadow boxing. With this in mind, we set out on a quest to ask the great masters of our time about the quintessence of their lives. We wanted a piece by the great masters, maybe even their masterpiece. So we asked them:

* What are you? A traveling soul, a buddha, a normal human being?
* What do you think is the meaning of life?
* What has been the most important insight in your life?
* What message to the world should your life on earth endure?
* Where do you see humanity in 100 years?

Masters of medicine, healing work, physics, health, biology and spirituality answered us. And your answers were astonishing – partly also you. When the truth begins to speak through us, we become the mouthpiece of Something Immortal. Truth speaks to us all for the same reason, because it unites us, sets us free and awakens the Master in us who says: “I am!”

Join us and look forward to magical hours of inner liberation.


Hartmut Lohmann

Wim Hof

Veit Lindau

Thomas Schmelzer

Thomas Young

Stefan Hiene

Silke Schäfer


Robert Betz

Patric Pedrazolli

Kerstin Scherer

Kurt Tepperwein


Mario Amenti

Martin Uhlemann

Maxim Mankevich

Mirko R. Betz

Nancy Holten

Karl Gamper

Jana Haas

Ilan Stephani

Gabriel Palacios

Fabian Wollschläger

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

Eckhart Tolle

Dr. Daniele Ganser

Axel Burkart

Bahar Yilmaz

Biyon Kattilathu

Bruno Würtenberger

Christian Bischoff

Christina von Dreien

Clemens Kuby

Dieter Broers

Dr. Gerald Hüther

Roland Liebscher-Bracht

Laura Malina Seiler

Günter Kerschbaummayr

Alexander Hartmann

Dr. med. Michael Spitzbart

Dr. Dain Heer

Diana Cooper


Lee Caroll

Maria Sanchez

Steffen Lohrer


Ernst Wolff

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